NSS Life

RLG Financial Concepts offers safe, fixed annuities with competitive Interest rates through NSS Life. NSS life is a fraternal organization which is located at 351 Valley Brook Road in McMurray, PA.   NSS life has been in business since 1890 and serving local residents for 124 years.

What is an annuity and why do I want one?

An annuity is like a bank savings or CD, with the exception it is offered by an insurance company or fraternal organization. In addition, an annuity can be used to provide tax favored income for various periods of time.

It is a contract between you and NSS Life that provides you with a guaranteed future income in exchange for payments you make to your account. It is a long term way of planning your retirement. NSS life offers both Qualified Annuities (funded with pre-tax dollars) and non-qualified (funded with after tax dollars.)

How is a fixed annuity different from A CD or Money Market?

Interest earned on a CD or Money Market Account is subject to federal and state income tax in the year it is earned. Interest earned in an annuity is tax-deferred until it is withdrawn, so with an annuity you’re earning the full rate the company is crediting you with because it is growing without annual taxation. (Always consult with you attorney or CPA for legal or tax advice.)

How safe is my Annuity with NSS Life?

Your investment is very safe and protected by the total resources of the National Slovak Society; with assets in excess of $727 million and growing. Information on NSS Life solvency can be readily obtained from the PA Insurance Department or independent CPA firms who make annual audits.

NSS Life Annuities will meet your “safe money” needs!

Keep in mind NSS annuities have no sales fees or administrative fees so you start making money right away!

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“Not one of our clients at RLG Financial Concepts have ever lost even a penny through a NSS Annuity”-Robin Grimm